Monday, February 09, 2009

Feed the Pod!

So I've got a fairly long commute...about thirty minutes one way. Long for me, that is. I don't like much on the radio, so I've started just MP3'ing it, or listening to audiobooks.

Lately, I've been checking out a lot of podcasts, and one I've been thoroughly enjoying is Pseudopod - a horror fiction podcast.


It has some really good stories, and various people have stepped in to read the stories, from authors to other podcast hosts to the site's own Ben and Alistair, my favorite narrators.

The authors are supported by donations - the aforementioned "Feed the Pod."

What I really like is the variety of the stories - some mainstream horror from faithful genres (zombie, vampire (my favorite), Cthulhu, etc), but it also has plenty of surprises waiting for the gentle listener.

Spurling's Virus was my first, and I was hooked since then.

Pseudopod is the horror branch of a trifecta of podcasts, the others being Escape Pod (science fiction) and Podcastle (fantasy).

Check 'em out!