Thursday, April 19, 2007

My plan for World Dom...I mean High Definition

I've been wanting to jump on the High Definition bandwagon for a while, more for watching movies than anything else.

As to the competing formats, HD DVD and Blu-Ray, I'd be happy with either one if I knew every movie was going to come out on both. As it turns out, at least for now, there are some titles that I want exclusive to each one of the formats. I'm going to go out on a limb here, but I think eventually Blu-Ray is going to win, but it's going to be a long time. In the meantime I need to figure out how to get both....

I think I just got approval from the CFO to get an Xbox 360 + HD Drive. I should probably get it before she reads this.... Why the 360 and not the PS3? I know more people with the 360.

That's basically it.

I know I'm going to be happy with either High Definition video format. I'm getting ahead of myself with my blog posts, but I've seen examples of both, and Daddy likes!

I don't have all the time in the world to play games. Xbox Live is very nice, and I like having the opportunity to play with my friends when I get a chance.

But what do I do about Blu-Ray movies? The answer came to me a few days ago. I'll build a computer with a Blu-Ray drive and connect it via HDMI or DVI to the TV! The 360 covers the HD DVD angle.

Bada bing! Both formats. Thank you, Cleveland. Good night.

I put a preliminary system together today, and it worked like a charm. I have to figure out the best place to put it, as the Wife Acceptance Factor is both critical and slippery to grasp. A regular desktop stuck next to the TV has a low WAF, so I need to figure out how to shoehorn the components into a small form factor chassis, or at least one that is similar to my home theater components.

Definitely more to come.


CROSE said...

I'm going to have to say your reasons for X-Box instead of PS3 are pretty poor. But, for what you are using it for, why not.

You might want to look into a "Entertainment Center Computer Case". Google it and you will get a plenty.

You're a bad influence, as I am getting the itch!!!

David said...

I think the winner of the disk format may very well be...the DVD. Everybody has it, players are cheap, media is cheap, and there is a huge selection of movies.

And unless you have a ginourmous TV, the newer formats won't look much better.

HD content may be served up by Xbox Live and iTunes instead of HD DVD and Blu Ray.

Trey said...

Yeah, I think it will be funny if from now on there will be DVD plus whatever the High Def flavor of the year is.