Friday, June 22, 2007

Model Fight: Maison de Roulement 004

Finally some more work on Maison de Roulement.

I added the walkway around the bottom of the building. There will also be some way to get down to the ground. Also some detail around the front doors and selected a wheel design. The axles are there, but no connecting bits or protection.

I like the way SketchUp lets you have components, and groups, but I've found myself getting into groups of groups of components, and multiple components rolling up into single components, and I haven't found an easy way to absorb parts of models into other components easily, like I'm used to in 3D Studio MAX. It's probably just my workflow.


khickman said...

That's a might big first step. You adding a ladder, or does it drop down like a low rider?

(I like the idea of a lo-rider version. It gets more respect in the hood.)

Trey said...

I might do a lo-rider, if I want to keep it real.

I'm planning a winding ramp thing where people can just walk down or gather with little shops/wheeled food things, etc.

Michael said...

I like this wheel design much better. Looks more robust, and looks like something you would see on a heavy rig.

Suggestion... add a second row of wheels on each side. If you are a discovery/history channel freak like me, you've probably seen those shows where they move large buildings and such around town. Those "trailors" they use always have two rows of wheels on each side. Tandom I think is the official term.

Nice work. This would be real popular with the nomads and the Tinkers (look it up).