Thursday, July 26, 2007

Harry Potter and the License to Print Money

I picked up the latest Harry Potter book Sunday. I was worried that everyplace would be sold out, but our local grocery store had stacks for the cover price of $35.99. Even for a hardback, that's a lotta lettuce. Sunday's newspaper had a Target ad that had the same hardback for $17.99. How could I afford not to get it? I've been careful to avoid spoilers, but I had my own theories on certain plot points.

I read about 120 (out of ~780) pages Sunday night and went to a doctor's appointment Monday morning. The receptionist and one of the nurses were all atwitter about my book (which I took with me, naturally), checking my progress and wishing they could have stayed home to read all day. I agreed, and regaled them with my tale of saving half the cover price. The nurse told me that The Beast had a similar deal for a similar price.

Later that day I was picking up some lunch at another grocery store...again with the book in tow as I was using every spare moment to read it. A lady behind me asked if I had skipped ahead to the end to read it. I had to resist rolling my eyes - who would do something that ridiculous? I told her no, and that I was trying to avoid hearing any details before I finished the book. Internally I was preparing my "na na na na IDON'THEARYOU" defense in case she dropped a spoiler-bomb, but she just looked off in the distance wistfully and said that she kept hoping someone on the news would reveal the end. I was like, "Okay...." and checked out.

I finished it Wednesday, and I liked it. I'll avoid any kind of review and won't reveal anything.


khickman said...

I'm not gonna read it. The hallows should be "deadly". If they're deaTHly, it sounds like they're not really committed to the whole death process, you know, like partLY assembled. If you're trying to grab readers, you can't bury the lead. Now if Ms. Rowling's editors had published it as 'Harry Potter and the AGGGGH ITS EATING MY ENTRAILS WHILE I'M STILL ALIVE Hallows', then you've got the potential for a hit.

And they keep misspelling 'hollow' all the time. The proper Ozark venacular is 'holler'. But I'm guessing the title 'Harry Potter and that Deadly Holler' was already taken.

Trey said...

I hear the Ozark version was a real scream, especially if you went to Yale.

Trey said...

Oh, wait. I get the joke - a book in the Ozarks.

Anonymous said...

Ya, Alex finished it 7 hours after it was released. He has agreed to not spoil it for the rest of the family. He stood in line for 2 hours to be one of the first to get his copy, then stayed up all night long reading it.

Barbara and I are almost half-way through right now. Keith