Wednesday, August 15, 2007

200 Posts!

Wow - this is my 200th post! Here is my first post, for that trip down Memory Lane.

I started this blog because I was going to Singapore for business, and we finally decided that it would be too much trouble to bring my wife and kids with me. I wanted to document the trip for anyone that wanted to see.

Naturally, it's morphed into "my blog," where I document stuff that I think is interesting...for posterity? Kicks? Who knows, but I like it.


Michael said...


You've actually inspired me to start a blog as well. I'm not sure if anyone would be interested in reading it, but it never hurts to put thoughts to paper.


Anonymous said...

Yeah congrads! Still a reader after all these post!!


Trey said...


I like it so far - a good outlet for a lot of stuff in my head.

Anonymous said...

And it's less painful than a cranial drill.


Trey said...

Less painful on the blogger, or the readers?