Wednesday, July 02, 2008

McDonalds commercials

Man, over a month off of blogging and I come back for my 250th post with some McDonalds commercials?


The only thing we like about McDonalds is the ice cream cones. And an air-conditioned playscape. The two things we like about McDonalds are the ice cream cones and the air-conditioned playscapes. And RedBox drops. Okay, I see where this is going. While we don't eat there, I really liked their commercial featuring Line Rider, a great game that deserves some posts of its own.

I love the "music" on the first one.

I didn't know there was another one until I searched for the first one.

Last night my boys and I are watching a little we really need a link?...and I saw another commercial that has moved up in my favorites list.

These girls can dance! It looks like the motion has been sped up slightly in a few places, or some frames have been removed reminding me of some really old-school MTV VJ techniques. I made my boys sit through the commercial about five times before relinquishing control back to SpongeBob.

Besides their technique, which I'm trying to copy to perform at work, I love their facial expressions.


John said...

Awesome. But I got say those are olddddddddddddddddddddddd!!! Now were is my cane!!


Trey said...

I told you I was behind in my posting!!

keith said...



total crap...

I bet you like that flapjack crap on CN too... the flapjack commercial / trailer at the Wall-E showing was horrible.

CN has gone totally down hill in my opinion...

but at least now I've got my boomerang! (didnt have it while in the frozen north)

I just need to figure out when Thundar plays. :)

Trey said...

@Keith: Rumor has it that you'll be posting a retraction soon!

Although a lot of the stuff is pretty dumb, Spongebob can be so ridiculous it's funny. I'm not sure about Flapjack - is that the guy with the blue whale? Not my favorite, but there are some funny lines on Chowder every once in a while.