Monday, September 15, 2008

7,413,359: Method and apparatus for printing

My second US patent has been granted!

I'm not sure how it got through with that unfortunate name, but my idea was to have an Automatic Document Feeder that could double as a print duplexer.


I still haven't received my plaque from the first one, but maybe I'll get two in one shot at the next meeting.

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John said...

Congrads. Man that took a long time.


Trey said...

Thanks! Yeah, they sneak up on you.

Keith said...

Congrats!!! Now let's wait till the $ starts to pour in! :)

Man, I thought I wrote some pretty hard to read documents during my 5 year stint as a Quality manager... but reading your patent makes my head hurt! :)

Guess that is why I'm not a patent lawyer! :)

Again, congrats!

Trey said...


Thanks! I wouldn't mind just the recognition to pour in! We're supposed to get plaques and get announced at our quarterly meetings held by the CTO, so it's pretty cool and good recognition, but apparently the entire process takes a loooooooong time.

And yeah, there is a lot of legalese in this stuff.