Tuesday, November 11, 2008

NaNoWriMo kickoff

Midnight on Halloween was the NaNoWriMo kick-off, what's called a Midnight Write. It was held at Dragon's Lair, and when I got there about 11:30pm, there were about 25-30 people already there at tables set up with laptops at the ready.

By the way, Dragon's Lair is a great games/gaming/comic book/book store. Very family-friendly, and a large selection. Nice people too!

Anyway, the Midnight Write was also a potluck, and I was planning on bringing some cookies but other Halloween stuff loomed over our horizon. There was quite a bit of food, though.


Luckily someone had set up both a donation pot as well as a coffee pot.

So here I am in Central Nerdistan, among my people of course, and at five minutes to midnight we get warned about a whistle that will shake us to our very foundations. I mean, it's supposed to be THAT loud.

We gird our loins.

Fifteen seconds until midnight, and the countdown begins. We think we hear a faint whistling sound, but nobody in the back (wargame table) room is certain if that was the Whistle of Doom or one of the store cats meowed. We spend a few seconds looking at each other, and then one of the moderators comes in and lets us know that, indeed, that was the whistle.

We write!


The store can only stay open until 2am, so at roughly 1:40am I break away from my keyboard, an almost wordless husk. Sort of. 50,000 words over 30 days is roughly 1667 words a day. I hit just over that number, which was my goal.

So how was the Mini 9? Basically, it was great. The only problem I had was with the placement of the apostrophe. It is on the row under the home row, so I usually hit enter instead of apostrophe when I was writing contractions. This led to a lot of "did nots" instead of "didn'ts," etc, which is a bonus when you are counting words!

The machine was much more solid than I expected, and at first I was hesitant about the screen size and resolution, but in practice I had no problems with it while using it.

It was getting a lot of attention though, and I probably could have sold a few had I had a box of them that night.

Back to word count, unfortunately I'm just over 2300 now, and the server is down so both my NaNoWriMo word count widget is down as well as the ability to upload my word count. Such is life! I'm pretty far behind both where I should be and where I wanted to be, but I'm not giving up yet.


khickman said...

Just got Glenda an MSI Wind U100 (Best Buy). Very nice machine and quite readable with the 10 inch display. Only complaint is the period, comma and slash keys are half size, and I, uh, I mean Glenda keeps hitting the slash instead of period. Other than that a great machine. No wonder BB keeps running out.

Trey said...

Sounds pretty cool, and I agree that the keyboard is the only problem I have with the Mini 9 and the smallest class of netbooks.

What made you go for the Wind over all the others I see announced on engadget every few minutes?


khickman said...

It had the standard Atom processor with 1 gig memory and 10 inch screen and XP home. BB had it for 350 samolians. Its got 120 gig HD, which got better reviews than the SSD. Plus it got accolades from several sites, including Ars Technica. Cheaper netbooks didn't seem to measure up.

Down side was that BB wouldn't drop ship to a store, so it cost an extra $22 to ship it.

Tried to find the new Samsung netbook which got even better reviews, but nobody had it.