Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sweet tools for the impending Zombie Apocalypse

I'm behind in catching up with my RSS feeds, so I just saw this thing from CoolTools:


For all the firefighters out there that read my blog, this is nothing new. Just your standard multipurpose tool for prying. And chopping. And slicing. And wedging. And busting various things open.

I guess if you have to have the very best to kill zombies, spring for the titanium version at $550. Your children's children will thank you for it.

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khickman said...

Or, if the zombie gets to it first, your brains will be popped out of your skull in mere seconds, relieving you of anxious minutes while the zombie claws them out.

Either way, a win-win situation.

Trey said...

Indeed, but I was hoping for the slower, classic zombies, not the superfast 28 Days Later zombies, so one could swing away (Merrill) before they could react