Sunday, July 02, 2006

Downloadable Firefly commentaries

I just happened to be cruising Slashdot and came across something that I previously missed - an article about downloadable commentaries for DVDs.

Apparently NBC has offered online MP3 commentaries for Scrubs, and Kevin Smith has done this for Clerks 2, as well as some other miscellaneous shows. This may be another way to squeeze a few dollars out of the consumers - "Even more commentaries than can fit on the DVD! Just $5 to download!!" (my idea, not out in the industry...yet). Unfortunately, I'm a big fan of special features on a DVD, so I'm mildly interested....

Trolling through the article's forum listings leads me to Big Damn Commentaries, a repository for fan-submitted commentaries for the series Firefly, the best thing on TV that nobody watched. I'm still trying to make it through the Firefly series (no fault of the series), and I haven't even seen Serenity yet, but once I make it through all the episodes I'm definitely interested in trying these commentaries out.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah Firefly!!! We finally agree on a show. Firefly is really good all the way around. Good story, good writing, good actors. Anyway, I hope you like the rest of the series.