Friday, November 10, 2006

Buying movies from Netflix?

We've been on and off with Netflix multiple times. We aren't the biggest TV watchers (some would say we aren't even the biggest movie watchers...), and we like to have movies for us (grownups) as well as some movies for them (kids). Ergo we're back on Netflix as we are generally disappointed with matching movies from cable.

Something that I haven't noticed in the previous Trey + Netflix hookups was that Netflix is selling previously viewed DVDs now. I don't have a problem buying previously viewed DVDs, as long as they are guaranteed defect-free/playable. Now, I wouldn't buy a Criterion DVD from Blockbuster's previously viewed trough, but I would from another movie-phile.

My favorite sub-genre of movies is Vampire movies. I even watched Stakeout hoping it would turn out favorably! I happened to browse the Netflix previously viewed area and found Underworld: Evolution, the sequel that I missed in the theaters and still haven't seen. At $5.99, it's quite a bargain (compared to $12.97 from DVD Price Search). There is only a single disc edition out so far, so even if I double-dip for an eventual Collector's edition, I'm only out $6.48 shipped.

It arrived three days after I ordered it in a slick plastic wrapper, and I could tell it was a standard keep case inside.

I was curious about the cover, as I've seen some DVDs with the Netflix logo inside the artwork, like it was a customized silkscreen for the Netflix DVD. I was worried that my DVD would have Netflix on the cover visible on the spine. How gauche! Amazingly, it is the retail cover, and it is in mint condition. I wasn't sure if these covers were sitting around in some warehouse in case someone decided to buy one, but there were no folds, marks or abrasions from the security sticker. This baby was pristine! But what about the DVD itself?

No insert, but I wasn't really expecting one. The silkscreened side of the DVD was pristine - no scratches or marks, no serial numbers or other Netflix-specific markings. The playable side had very minor scratching, but minor at worst. It definitely looks playable.

Overall I'm very satisfied with my purchase, especially for the price and free shipping. Netflix has probably less than 75 DVDs for sale, but I will definitely check them again before purchasing something. I'm not sure what constitutes a DVD being placed on the previously viewed for sale area though.


Trey said...

I was reordering my queue and I noticed a blurb for the movie purchase deal that the DVDs come with original artwork.

CROSE said...

Interesting... So, they do have a guarantee?

Have you watched the film yet?

Trey said...

They guarantee playability without errors, but I haven't watched it yet.