Wednesday, October 17, 2007

San Francisco, Day 5

Is this thing on? Finally an update!

Day 5, my last day in the hotel and all work business is done. I had until noon to check out, so walked down to another local place, Tart to Tart, for breakfast, again checking out the mocha.

I got everything packed, held my bags at the hotel and walked down to the Metreon again to check out the Leonardo da Vinci exhibit. It was okay, but I should have read this review first. Goodbye, $20!

Lunch saw me at Sanraku again, but this time more miso soup, California rolls and Teriyaki chicken, which was great.

So I've got some time to kill, and I need to get closer to the Presidio. Cab? No way! I walked, after checking with the concierge about some places to check out. He suggested a route that took me through Chinatown, Little Italy (is it really called that?) and some parks.

Little did I know my route was going to be 3.7 miles, while carrying a stuffed backpack and my suitcase, which the airport told me weighed 40 pounds. Hopefully that took care of that breakfast's mocha! Here's what I walked. I wish I could show an interactive Google Map, but I'm getting no love from the pathfinding AI - it's making me look like I took all these weird side streets.

Here is the entrance gate to Chinatown. If I weren't so encumbered with my baggage I would have stepped into some stores. Plenty of samurai swords, by the way.

This is the Stinking Rose, which I walked by accidentally. I've eaten there once before when I worked at a different company, and it is AWESOME...if you like garlic. I LOVE garlic.

Street poles like this made sure I knew I was in the Italian district.

I'm on a little beach at the coast now, with Ghirardelli Square behind me, the Golden Gate Bridge to my left and Alcatraz to my right.

I finally meet up with David and we have dinner at a meat skewering place, Asqew Grill, where they actually call the non-meat items on the menu "Starches."

After dinner we head down to ILM, and outside one of the entrances is this Yoda Fountain.

We caught a screening of 3:10 to Yuma in a theater for Academy members to screen movies for consideration (Dave, correct me if I'm wrong), and it didn't disappoint. Picture and sound were top notch, and I really liked the movie as well.

More pictures here.


khickman said...

Technically, the beach is on the bay, not the coast.

BTW, in my RSS window under Outlook 07, every one of your posts is dated Dec 31 2006. Do you have a wayback machine, or is this a new feature from Microsoft?

Trey said...

Ouch! What a faux pas! That, plus my semirampant conservatism and thoughts on gun control, may prevent me from being accepted into California culture!

I have no idea about the RSS stuff - I don't even use it! I know, I know! I'll set it up and take a look at it, but I don't do any kind of date entry - Blogger "takes care" of that for me, as you can see.