Wednesday, October 31, 2007

San Francisco, Wrapping it up

Next to the last day. We woke up and I had an omelet and a mocha at a place called Squat and Gobble.

We were headed to ILM for a tour but we took the long way and walked down to the Exploratorium. A lot of cool stuff that we didn't have time to see.

We continued to the bay to check out the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz. I usually don't smile when I take self portraits, but I decided to buck my own system here.

Now this is a tailgate party! Wine, cheese, tablecloths?!? These Californians are really putting it to it! I have to assume that they are here watching the sailboat race and not gathering in my honor.

Now we are at ILM. I saw some pretty amazing concept art, incredibly detailed props and miniatures and Pee Wee Herman and Buzz Lightyear doing some truly awful things to each other. Unfortunately a lot of this stuff was in no-camera zones, but take my word for it - it was awesome.

After ILM we went across the Golden Gate Bridge through San Rafeal to try to get in to Big Rock Ranch, the Lucas animation company. Unfortunately there was some mix up, and while we could go in and have lunch in the common cafeteria, we couldn't really get a tour.

Some random Rolls Royce.

The terrain was really rugged and mountainous, and we were driving pretty sportily on a winding road great for spirited driving.

Lunch at Big Rock Ranch. We just barely made lunchtime, so I think they heaped our plates with what was left.

After Big Rock Ranch we drove around to Skywalker Sound, which was nestled in a secluded forest bowl surrounded by mountains and land that George Lucas owned. Seriously - he bought everything that you could see.

This should show both, with landmarks like Lake Ewok, etc.

So we get back to the Marina. It's not yet dinnertime, yet we need something to eat. What's a pair of hetero dudes to do that is both snacky AND hip?


I had my first car bomb that night, and we had some midnight pizza at our second choice. The first choice, Pizza Orgasmica, was so packed we couldn't get close to the door.

More pictures here.

I had a great time, did a little work and got to see some stuff that I may never have had a chance to see otherwise. Thanks Dave!


CROSE said...

First car bomb? Been under a rock? And, you claim to like Guinness. Sad, sad!

Michael said...

Man! Looks like you had a great time. The Exploritorium and ILM/Big Rock Ranch looked pretty damn kewl!


Anonymous said...

Color me clueless.... what's a car bomb?


Michael said...

LoL, I'm guessing it was gaseous in nature. :)

CROSE said...

Half pint of Guinness & shot of Half Bailey's Irish Cream / Half Irish Whiskey.

Drop said shot in pint, and slam.

Taste like chocolate milk IMO. Also, known as an "Irish Car Bomb". Some take offense to this name, hence "Car Bomb".

Trey said...

@Crose: Yeah, I don't get out much! They were good, though.

@Mike: The tiny parts of those places I got to see were great. I just wish I had more time to go through and look at more! Props, models and artwork were everywhere!