Friday, December 07, 2007

Evolution of Netflix DVD shipping wrappers.

I found a short article about how Netflix has changed the design of their DVD mailers over the years - check it out.

Here is a direct link to the gallery of mailers from the beginning. I think the earliest mailer I can remember is the 2001 era mailer, #9 on the list.

We're on our second run of Netflix memberships, and we have definitely been affected by their (in)famous DVD throttling plan. There seems to be a DVD distribution hub located in Austin, so delivery has gotten faster lately.

The mailers are famously red and can be picked out at a distance, as seen here. I've wondered about Netflix thieves watching the post offices for those telltale envelopes, but it turns out a lot of such scams exist. There is even what must be an upper echelon of discriminating DVD thieves, as seen here.


Michael said...

Hmmm... well I've never tried Netflix so can't comment on them... but I have been a Blockbuster Online customer for about 2 years now and I've never had any DVD's stollen or tampered with. I have had a few that have arrived broken though.

Overall the experience has been pretty good. Plus I think overall the BBO deal is a bit better. Meaning I think you get more movie bang for your buck... and you get your movies faster.

Let me explain...

So I have a list of movies (just like Netflix). They send me 1 (or in my case 3). I watch it or in most cases make an archival backup (just in case they loose their copy :)), then I take it in to my local BB store and immediately exchange it for another one. Then, as soon as they scan in the one I returned BBO mails me the next one on my list.

So essentially I get 2 movies for everyone I get in the mail. Then on top of that BBO gives me monthly coupons that I can use at the local BB store to get more free movies.

I am very happy someone like Netflix came around and started this great idea.

One comment on Netflix package designs... WHOLLY CRAP!!! 6-7 different package designs in 2 years!?!?! Going back and forth between side and top load... back and forth... back and forth... Wow... GENIUS!!! :)

Trey said...

While I appreciate being able to swap movies locally, I think you can only do that once, right?

Where I feel that Netflix trumps just about everyone else is selection. They just have so many movies from so many genres. There are some niche sites like GreenCine, for cult, rare and nonmainstream, but for the most part Netflix has everything I want to see.