Monday, December 03, 2007

More 3d benchmark

I'm trying to revamp my 3d city for the benchmark. I came up with some back of the envelope (literally) sketches, and I'm getting closer to something I like, but I'm not there yet.

I'm torn between a center landmark with streets radiating out from it and the basic city block layout. I also plan to have some elevated roadways as well as some flying vehicles.


David said...

What are you trying to test? That scene looks pretty heavy in geometry (many verticies) and fill (same pixel painted multiple times per frame)...or are you just looking for an excuse to make a city?

A guy at SIGGRAPH about 6 years ago presented some research software that automagically builds a city and random building using procedural modeling. It's a quick way to get very realistic looking cities.

Michael said...

I like your envelope picture idea better...

Trey said...


I'm always looking for an excuse to build a city. All I need is a benchmark scalable with regards to graphics. For this part, I'm just planning a heavy scene that will take longer to playback within 3D Studio MAX with weaker graphics cards and faster the higher up you go.

The plan is also to texture the buildings, but baby steps!

I'm using Greeble to do most of the smaller building detail work for me. I'll look for that procedural stuff though.

Trey said...


Yeah, I do too. I didn't like how the roads were going so I just started concentrating on some sort of building as the hub with just city all around it. I'll probably find some mixture of the two.

Keith said...

And after you get your metro map... you are going to begin working on individual buildings for your M&M campaign? :)


Trey said...


Definitely doable - like a supers version of Night City for cyberpunk.