Monday, January 14, 2008

We were dreaming of a White Christmas!

I'm back!

We went to Copper Mountain, Colorado, for Christmas. The first leg was to Lubbock to spend the night with my brother and his family, and then we drove to Aurora, CO, to stay with some friends. Here is the view from their front yard.

We stayed in a condo, spent too much money and didn't ski enough. Here's another pano from the condo porch:

This is outside the condo, and you can see the dumpster.

We stayed in Silverthorn. Behind me is Lake Dillon, and we would drive over the dam to get from Silverthorn to Dillon.

These are icicles. Relax - it's just frozen water.

The morning we left it was 12 degrees below zero. That's not the wind chill! Including wind chill I think it was about 20 to 25 below zero.

We're on the road back!

We drove from Silverthorn to Denver where we stayed a few days with some friends of ours. Thanks Karen! Thanks Michelle!

We left Denver and decided to drive straight through the night just to have more time at home and not have to worry about finding a motel, carting in all the valuables, sleeping late, food, etc. It was 20+ caffeine-bombed hours.

I think this is Mt. Capulin that we passed on the way through New Mexico.


Keith said...

Really wished we could have met up somewhere while you were so close. :(

Trey said...

I know! You'll be down here before I get another chance to get up there!

Keith said...

Ya. you'll be able to stop by and see us at any time. We plan on living out of our car. Any suggestions for a good overpass we can live under? Although Don has said we can pitch tents in his back yard.