Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Check and mate! Finally something worth blogging about!

My oldest son was accepted into his school's chess club yesterday!

So what's the big deal? Normally they don't allow first graders into the chess club. That's one smart cookie, and I'm one proud daddy!

I found this book of chess for kids at Half-Priced Books for some ridiculously low price, and it is a good one for a chess beginner or semi-beginner. It describes each of the pieces, has some basic strategy and one or two opening gambits.

Anything else about chess? Sure! One of the tattoos I've been preapproved for is a Knight's Tour, which is having a knight move according to the rules of chess and landing on every square exactly once.

Sort of like this, but I would have to use my rippling muscles to make it move.

I would love to find some sort of chess applet that I can put in the sidebar of my blog for ongoing games, but so far I've found some graphics that I can manually update only. Oh, the humanity! If anyone has found something else let me know!


Keith said...

Oh YA?!?!?

Well, my oldest son is a master debater!

On a serious note, he and his partner got first place in what was, essentially, a statewide (that doesnt mean much in wyoming) competition on CX debate (CX stands for cross examination for those of you not in the know)

Trey said...

Cool! In High School I did Lincoln-Douglas debate for UIL.

Keith said...

Ya. he doesn't do LD... he does PF (Public Forum? I think that is what it is) and CX. At the last debate he and his team mate won 6 of 6.

He doesn't get to debate this weekend as it is his school/team is hosting this weekend. And the hosting team doesn't compete.