Thursday, August 03, 2006

Linux on my laptop

So I finally broke down and installed Linux on something. Why? Well, because it is there, and I've been wanting to see what all the fuss is about.

I downloaded the Kubuntu 6.06 distro (in .iso format), burned a CD and booted. It has a Live CD option, which will basically run Linux from the disc instead of your hard drive. That way, you can experience Linux without destroying your current OS.

I went ahead and formatted the drive and installed it. From what I can see, if you are familiar with Windows you can at least function, as the interface is very similar to the Windows interface, plus a browser, office suite, etc, are installed, so I'm guessing that if someone just checked email, browsed the internet and wrote an occasional document, they would be set.

I'm looking at this laptop and I'm thinking, "Sweet! I've installed Linux.... Now what?"

My 3D content creation options are limited; games are limited. I guess I'll throw some C on here and explore coding.


David Lenihan said...

Linux sucks for programming! Don't do it...stick with the free Visual Studio Express from'll be *much* happier!

To experience some real frustration...try getting hardware accelerated 3D (opengl) to work, or try installing a new graphics driver. Or try getting the printing system (CUPS) to work. Or try to access a windows shared drive on a network.

Anonymous said...

Yes a man after my own heart, did I just write that, anyways...I love Visual Studio...The Express editions are really cool. Sooooo that is all I have to say, Trey get OUT of Linux....I don't want to lose a friend to that crap!!!