Thursday, May 03, 2007

Model Fight: Maison de Roulement 002

I'm working on a window treatment and some artsy effects around the edges.

I was going to put in a scale Letterman Digital Arts Center, but I can't find the model anywhere.


David said...

Oh Snap?!?! You put a cube on cylinders and that gets an "oh snap" tag?

In other news...I should be posting my sphere work shortly. It's *amazingly* round. If I have some time (don't count on it!), I may also build a cone.

Trey said...

Okay Lloyd.

You may recall that our project requires one to actually start modelling. I prefer to use a product where I have to start building something, instead of clicking the Generate LDAC Mesh button.

Based on your progress, if I drew a line segment I would be winning. Or do you have an additional blog where you post topics on what you would like to start modelling, at some future time? I think it's about time to post your proposal for your third project.

Any work > no work.