Friday, May 04, 2007

Model Fight: Maison de Roulement 003

I've been fiddling with the wheel and tire design. I admit that having a traditional inflatable-style wheel borders on the ridiculous for holding up something this heavy, but in the Bizarro World, tire roll on building.

I Photoshopped two layered renderings to show the wireframe - with SketchUp's default rendering it's hard to see the curvature.


khickman said...

Have you considered a wire/plate hybrid, like the kind NASA used on the lunar rovers? I always thought they had a cool look, with the see-through wire mesh surrounding the coiled spring inner wheel.

Trey said...

I've been doing some searching and I can't find an example of that - I see plenty of plate-looking hubcap-like things, but I'm not sure I've seen the right thing.

Do you have an image in mind?

John said...

I always thought these looked pretty cool also.

Looking good so far Trey!

Trey said...

Thanks! I will probably have to consult my NASA spinners collection to move forward.