Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch

Waaaaay back in March we went on a safari...outside San Antonio. Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch is a huge game preserve where you drive along a road that meanders through various habitats looking at animals you don't normally see in Central Texas.

You can also buy bags of high-protein/carb alfalfa pellets to toss out for a lot of the animals to ignore. Seriously, what's up with all the animals eating before we got there? I guess that's what you get when you're at the back of a parade of cars all feeding the animals out the windows.

I think the most exotic animals we saw were some strange deer-like things with what looked like fuzzy, thick horns. Whoops! I forgot that picture. The most rewarding time was actually feeding a giraffe by hand, and letting our boys feed it too - definitely not an everyday occurrence.

Once you go through the vehicle tour you end up back at the beginning of the reserve where you can get out and eat, visit the aforementioned giraffe area and see a selection of birds, monkeys and a goat petting zoo area. We brought quite a bit of the food back with us to this area, but the goats were more interested in the paper bags than the food itself!


Anonymous said...

YEARS ago... something like... 1991... My ex-wife, my father, and I went there...

Great memories. Especially of the ostrich who stuck his head into the window of the car, freaking out my ex-wife who was holding the tub of pellets...

Which she then dropped on the floor.

Of course, this didn't stop the ostrich who stuck his head in further and began eating the spilled food off of the floor. Totally freaked out my ex-wife.

Ah... fond memories :)


Trey said...

I kept wondering if that was going to happen to us, which would have been both awesome and a little scary for the boys, but it never did.

An ostrich came close but wasn't THAT curious.