Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Finally some action pics

I know - playing a child's guitar in my jammies with a micro-Mariachi hat wasn't actioney enough. To satisfy my rabid fans, here you go.

Living on the Greenbelt is nice! Whenever we want to bust out the firepit, I just go outside the fence and find a big log. I tried using an axe, but I've had much better luck with my reciprocating saw from Harbor Freight.

I've gone through all my demolition blades and now I have a pretty scary specialty wood-cutting blade. Itsa nice! By nice, I mean it looks nice - I haven't actually cut anything with it. But believe me - it looks like it will do the job!

Here I am sanding our deck. We rented a huge industrial sander from Home Depot, and it pretty much drove us around the deck.

It was time for another treatment of stain, and we didn't want a repeat of the original stain job (oh, the humanity!) to happen again. Last time we waited too long after we had it built and then waited until the weather was as hot as possible. It was awful. The wood was so hot the stain would not be absorbed, and it never got a good lock, or set, or whatever the term is to indicate that stain has soaked in to your wood correctly.

Now we have to decide whether or not to keep the deck or take it down and build a stone patio!


Keith said...

Honestly, I can't say that I've ever seen anyone cutting firewood with a saws all type reciprocating saw...

I'm hoping that next year, after Barbara sells her inheritance in Nebraska, we too will have a lovely house on the greenbelt or something similar.

But the way the last month of job hunting has gone... maybe not.

Trey said...

I think I already know of a house next to a greenbelt in which you may be interested....

I also try to use tools as creatively as possible. You should see my curved cuts with my circular saw.