Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Coffeeshop blogging

So I have a new laptop and it comes with an integrated camera for all your photoblogging needs as well as potentially embarrassing coffee spills. I'm at a local coffeeshop working on some, uh, work.

Once I set another laptop up for my wife, we'll be able to try video chat using Sightspeed, which from what I understand is similar to Skype video chatting, but I could be totally wrong as I've never used Skype before!


Keith said...

Ok. silly questions...

1)If you need to work but can't (or won't) do it at "the office" then why not do it from home?

2)I guess I just had one question after all.

3)Not really a question... if I ever figure out how to launch my "dream" you could come by there and work. Although I have no intention of having a 'cafe' like my competition would have. But I would have a wireless network that I would let you piggyback on...

John said...

Congrads on the laptop, is this a family item or work? New hardware is always fun!


Trey said...


1. Sometimes it's good to get away to a new place to spark that creative...spark. At work I'm usually doing my regular stuff and don't have the luxury just to think about stuff, and I was mostly doing patent disclosures/idea creation. Plus L and I have a night a week that we get out of the house to recharge our batteries.

2. Agreed.

3. A bookstore without a coffeeshop? Oh, the humanity! At least there should be one nearby, right? There is a library in Leander that has a good coffeeshop integrated into one of the buildings, and it's totally cool, practically encouraged, to get a coffee and browse in the library.

Trey said...


It's one of those things from work that I thought I might use for my work system, but it is next to impossible to get one of our corporate Vista images on due to some hardware that's in it, so I use it as an additional home system.

Keith said...


1)Hurray!!!! That means you already have permission to game once a week! YIPPIE!!!!

3)Tell you what... I'll gladly allow you to drink coffee from my coffee pot.

But I still don't think I want to become another B&N or a Starbucks hybrid.

I'll sell books. :) Let the coffee shops sell the coffee.

Now, having been in management for a while now, and dealing with customers... if I have enough people ask for it, I'd sell a cup of joe as well. But just like I won't go to a Mexican restaurant to get a pizza, I hope people don't come to my shop for a cup of coffee. :)

I want to avoid the double lattes with extra whip and a sprinkle of cinnamon (or what ever these places sell)

When someone asks me for a Mochachino I want to be able to say "What book did he write?" and not "Small, Medium, or Large"

David said...

I ordered a new laptop this weekend. I got a red Lenovo U110. I'm going to use it for blogging, web surfing, email, and programming.

I want to start doing these activities at the local coffee shop so *I* can hang out with the cool kids! Seems like it would be fun to hang out and people watch as well as get my geek on.

Trey said...


Sweet! I'm looking forward to a full report on that laptop, especially on what put the U110 over the M1330 that you were looking at a while back.

Speaking of coffeeshop blogging, I usually hang out at the It's A Grind just a few minutes from our house, as the coffee is good and the wireless is free. Starbucks is pay-wireless, which reminded me of trying to find a free wireless coffeeshop in your neighborhood. Do free ones exist out there?

David said...

Main reason I went with the U110 was the weight...the U110 is 2.5 lbs verses 4.0 lbs for the M1330.

As for free wifi in SF, this article says Google is planning on offering it city wide soon.

I'm not worried about wifi. I got the bluetooth option on the U110, which will use my AT&T Tilt as a wireless 3G modem.