Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My newest, cheapest guitar

So I was in our local Goodw*ll the other day and saw a guitar in their auction pile. Hold on a second - it wasn't just a guitar. It was a child-scale classical guitar, with case, and the best part? Two Mariachi, uh, hats.

Unfortunately, the hats were child-scale too.


The auctions are held on Saturdays at high noon, and I had a few reminders to make sure I was going to be there. Throughout the week the items are in silent auction mode, with binders out with pages for each of the items. On Saturday, in an bid (ha!) to get more money, the items transition to traditional auction mode, with one of the employees doing the auctioneering. The bidding started out at $16 and there was some back and forth between me and someone else behind me. I wanted to play fair, so I didn't turn around and psych him out. I just kept my cool and kept bidding. I stepped up to $21 - a level he dared not follow, and I won the auction!


The smaller scale doesn't bother me, but it is very resonant at the bottom end, so most of my work on it sounds bass-heavy.


You don't get to touch some of the items beforehand, as they are in lockdown in a metal cage. Once I got it home and started playing with it I noticed that there is some fret buzz on the high E string. It looks like I'll have to build up the nut and file down a string slot (thanks for the baking soda/super glue tip, Louis!) or replace the nut.

All in all, it's a sweet deal, as the guitar is solidly made, and you can't beat the price. We've used one of the Mariachi hats for a White Elephant gift (along with playing La Cucaracha when it was opened), and I'll have to bring the other hat up to work for the serious times


khickman said...

Wow! Its hard to add to that last post....

However, I do believe that Frito-Lay has a new mascot in their future!

Trey said...

I will accept ONLY if my contract allows me to play in my pajamas.

Wait - or did you mean that spam posting? I deleted that thing!

Keith said...

I bought Alex a guitar for his birthday back in January... perhaps his Uncle Trey could teach him how to play? :)

Ryan, of course, is asking for an ELECTRIC guitar for his birthday... :)

CROSE said...

I really dig the hat and guitar, but the "I'm comfortable at home" wear?

I thought this was a family friendly blog?

Trey said...

@Keith: I'm not so sure I could qualify as a guitar teacher, but I could show him a thing or two on both acoustic or electric - enough so they can find out if they want to take lessons.

@Crose: nothing says pajamas like Mariachis!