Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Behind the scenes Autodesk meeting

So Autodesk buying Softimage is already old news. What everybody wants to know is how they came to that decision. My secret sources have delivered!

The subtitles are great, and I loved every joke. This video has seen its share of resubtitling, too. The scene is from the movie Downfall.


Keith said...

That was pretty funny, and I don't even know the stuff they are joking about... but if you just assume its some sort of generic software, the jokes still work. :)

I especially love the lady crying in the hallway and the other lady saying "don't worry, we're under contract"


Trey said...

Yeah, it's funny, and if you are familiar with the industry it's got some good jokes.


Anonymous said...

I've used most of those programs... funny "Blender boy" reference but POV RAY was awesome... I remember rendering the marble sphere's and it taking HOURS... jumped to 3d Studio and never looked back.

shawn r.

Trey said...


Does the studio use it for certain effects? Do they use MAX or are they stuck with older version due to legacy pipeline junkity-junk?