Wednesday, October 29, 2008

RSS Feed for comments

I'm not sure how I can merge these two feeds, if it's even possible, but by clicking here you can subscribe to my blog's comments feed.

If anybody has done this with blogspot, let me know.

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Trey said...

Comment test.

khickman said...

I have noticed that comments no longer show up in Outlook, but they do show up on my iGoogle page. Unfortunately Outlook is open much more frequently on my desktop than iGoogle. (can I assume some non-"not evil" behavior on Google's part?)

Trey said...


Did this probably-nefarious behavior start when I posted the link to the comments RSS feed?

I hunted all over my settings to find the checkbox to enable the comments feed, but to no avail. I stumbled upon the link for the comments feed in some blogger support page.

As far as I can tell, that functionality existed for a long time, but I was late to the party to take advantage of it. I wonder if some interwebs setting got changed once I brought this link to our collective attention?

Have you tried buying a Mac and trying it on OSX? I've heard that should solve problems like this. Oh, the humanity!

Let me know if you find out that it is tied to my comments link. Google Reader manhandles the comments feed pretty good for me.


khickman said...

I resubscribed to the comments feed and it now shows up as "Comments My Sweet Blog" as opposed to the original "My Sweet Blog". I had to do this under IE7--for some reasons under Firefox I only had the choice of which Google page I wanted it to play under.

If only they would fix Vista ;)