Monday, October 13, 2008

New recipe for roasted stuffed jalapenos

My parents got me a jalapeno roaster as a gift, and I have really been giving it a workout.  You basically core jalapenos, stuff them with, uh, stuff, and roast them for an hour.

I usually try to take all the seeds and membranes out, as some people still think they are pretty hot without them, but feel free to leave an amount in that suits your tastebuds.

I've been known to top them with pieces of bacon but I've not been doing this lately.

My most recent recipe is to start stuffing them with (American) Neufchatel cheese, then shredded pork barbecue (from HEB), and topped with apple or pineapple chunks.


I'm still working on coming up with something for roasting dogs. I feel like it needs to be more complicated than just putting them on a grill!


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Anonymous said...

Hello Trey.

I noticed you had a barbecue and I wasn't invited again.

Is it because I put my hand on your wiener last time? I thought I explained it was an accident :(

Trey said...


Did you even look at the picture? Try putting your hand on all seven of my wieners. Then we can talk.