Wednesday, September 05, 2007

De Leon Peach and Melon Festival 2007

Mid-August we travelled up to De Leon, TX, for the annual Peach and Melon Festival.

Wow - I didn't even know they had a website until now, and I've been going for years (we have family in De Leon).

There is a carnival and a parade, but what I like is the watermelon slicing. They have crates of watermelons that have been refrigerated and put onto trailers. The main drag is cordoned off and everyone gathers on the sidewalks. Trucks pull up and they start slicing and handing out halves and quarters of red and yellow watermelons.

I'm a red melon fan. Unsalted, naturally.

After everyone has had their fill they start handing out whole watermelons to anyone that wants them.

I prefer a fork, but at last year's festival I saw someone using their credit card to slice the watermelon and shovel it in their mouth. Whatever works!

We were eating some at our friends' house and noticed a visitor coming up to the back door to finish off our rinds.

Here is the truck of the family that had a pony-ride set up at the festival. Ingenious! The only downside is that it requires a very long extension cord.


Michael said...

I love me some watermelon too! I've never heard of yellow watermelon before. Or is that considered cantaloupe/honeydew?

I prefer to eat mine with a spoon.

What about the peaches? Were they handing out any of those?

Those small town festivals are fun. That's one thing I miss about back home. Always some little thing going on in town, especially in the spring/summer/fall months.

Opossums have to be the ugliest, meanest, nastiest little critters on earth. The girls and I saw one up close once at the Austin Zoo. We were watching the lions and one of my daughters (10 at the time) looked down and noticed a Opossum lying dead between the bars of the cage. Well, at least we thought it was dead. It was doing a great job of “playing Opossum”.

I started tossing little twigs and pebbles at it trying to see if I could get it to move (it never did). Then the Park Ranger happened to walk by and he gave me a good scolding and almost through me out of the park. He was worried that I would scare the Opossum into the lion’s cage and then the lion would eat it and catch some disease. Seriously?!? I thought he over reacted a smidge.

Oh man that is some funny stuff right there. That needs to be added to the Redneck Inventions list.

Man, you guys were just a few hours SW of my house…

Trey said...

No peaches, and the yellow meat watermelon looks exactly like the regular watermelon, except it is yellow. The taste is different...not bad, just not what I like.

We get oppossums and raccoons in our yard from the greenbelt.

Anonymous said...

While I would very seriously avoid the Red Bull thing... I would go to this festival in a heartbeat.

We like our watermelon, like any good Texan does. I also prefer the red over yellow but yellow isnt bad.

I've become spoiled recently though with seedless watermelons.

Sounds like a good time.


Trey said...

Maybe next year we should schedule a group trip?

Anonymous said...

A Group trip is a definite possibility once we get down there. Hard to say at this point since we don't know exactly WHEN we will be moving or what our situations will be once we do move. But we can definitely try!


P&MFestival said...

Thanks for the great commits about our Festival.
Our new website is
I know its long. Our Festival will be held Aug. 5 - 9th this year. We would love your company.

Secretary DeLeon Peach and Melon Festival.