Monday, September 24, 2007

San Francisco, Day 2g: The end is in sight!

I know, I know - how long was this day?

We met in the hotel lobby for dinner but found some sweet cars waiting outside in the bellhop area. The silver one is a Jaguar XK, possibly an XKR (I can't remember). The black one is a Bentley Continental GT. Both awesome looking cars.

We walked a few blocks from the hotel to what amounted to a line of restaurants with outdoor seating in an alley between the inside seating/kitchen/bar and another building. Based on the concierge's recommendation, we chose Cafe Tiramisu.

Actual Italians manning an Italian restaurant? I call that a good sign. We had to wait about ten minutes for an outdoor table, so out comes the wine list. I asked the waitress to surprise me with a good red wine. She did, and it was good, but I can't remember what it was!

We're seated...appetizer time! I wrote down my food selections for the trip on an old orthodontic appointment reminder I had in my wallet, but now I can't find it, so we'll have to go by memory. I started with garlic (I think) stuffed calamari on Italian bread. Another glass of wine? Sounds good to me!

One of the marketing guys had steamed clams (I think) for an appetizer, and a mountain of them came on the plate.

For dinner I had the tuna, which was excellent, and requested to be surprised again with a wine that would complement my entree. I get a chardonnay, and even though I'm not so much a white wine fan, it made a great pair. Delicate balance, magnificent bouquet, charming interaction between the wine and the tuna...all that jibber jabber.

How could we go to a place called Cafe Tiramisu and not try their tiramisu? I know! It's great, but I don't know why I don't have any coffee with it.

We walked back to the hotel, and it was a brisk walk with a cold breeze, but felt really nice.


Michael said...

Damn! That Tiramisu looks good!

I'm not too crazy about the Bently. Looks too much like every other european car out there. If I'm going to lay down that many clams for a car, it damn well better look unique!

Now the Jag on the other hand... that's a sweet looking ride!

Trey said...

Agreed on the Bentley - it looks pretty massive in person, but just not exotic enough (to me) to be spending that much dough. It definitely looks like a big luxury car, not a sporty luxury car.