Wednesday, September 19, 2007

San Francisco, Day 2c

I made it to my hotel, the St. Regis, and it was nice! At almost $500 a night, what would you expect, right?

Here is the web album with the rest of the pics, and I found the Edit Captions button this time!


Michael said...

Damn are you pimpin' or what!?! It's like a mini "Cribs" show. :)

Very nice room, but $500 a night!!!???!!! OUCH! That only $300 less then I pay from rent each month for my 2 bdrm arpartment.

Oh wait... you're in San Fran so it makes perfect sense! :P

Anonymous said...

No matter which way you slice it, $500/night is insane.

That's the kind of price I would THINK about paying once a year for an anniversary or something!

Heck I just got back from Paso Robles and our rooms were only $130/night (or close to that) and it included free wine!


Trey said...

Free wine??!?! Wha-wha-what? That sounds like a good deal.

Yeah, this was a nice hotel in the middle of downtown. We also had a suite with a table, chairs and extra couch-thing. It was $1100/night! Ouch++!

Anonymous said...

nice...that was a lot of mocha.

Did they let you feed the wookie's while you were at ILM???

Now that I think of it, your breakfast at "Tart to Tart" looked like fried wookie.


Trey said...

@Louis: I took my shirt off there and I set off the Escaped Wookie Alarm. Imagine their surprise after they tased me and rolled me over....