Tuesday, September 25, 2007

San Francisco, Day 3

The third day in San Francisco, and the first day of meeting the press. It happened to be September 11, and hearing fire truck sirens in the morning made me a little nervous...especially the second and third sirens a few minutes apart, but apparently nothing newsworthy happened.

My greatest accomplishment so far...finding a free coffee bar at the hotel. They must want my business!

On our way out to lunch there happened to be another nice car waiting for someone...a Mercedes CL63 AMG. Snazzy, and starting only at $137k!

We mosey back to the Metreon where we're confounded by a Nintendo Wii mega-kiosk just steps outside the Sony Style store. I thought Sony managed the Metreon? What gives? If you read the Wiki article, Sony pulled out of Metreon management in 2006, due to low profitability. Oh, snap!

Fast forward to dinner time, and three of us decided to follow my stomach to a local Indian place. Outside the hotel we get another treat, a brand new Lamborghini Gallardo - it didn't even have its plates yet! I love this car!

On the way we happened across a Lotus Elise, which is still very nice, but I see a lot of these so the awesomeness has worn off a little bit. Don't get me wrong - I still like it, but if I had to pick a Lotus, it would probably be an Esprit.

We almost didn't find the Indian place, but after walking a few blocks in circles we finally stopped and asked a bellhop if there was an Indian place around here. He just looked at us, didn't stop taking a call on his cell phone and pointed across the street. Ah! We were (a lot) closer than we thought!

We had some sort of good appetizer and an Indian beer. Great stuff.

For the meal, we had rogan josh (awesome), chicken tikka masala (awesome), and some other chicken dish (very very good), and garlic, onion and another kind of naan (bread) (awesome). I asked them to make mine very spicy, but it didn't happen. Maybe next time.

How do you top off being stuffed with a great Indian meal and walking around in 60 degree weather? Margaritas, naturally! We found a Mexican joint a block or two from the hotel on our way back and got some "ultimate" margaritas...the ultimate being that they are large and have fresh-squeezed orange juice in them. I approved of the size but the orange juice didn't do much for me. It made it too sweet and I couldn't taste the tequila very much. I could have done just as well with a traditional one.


Anonymous said...

I truely have to say that your trip to Cali was a lot more exciting than my trip!

Although your accomodations trump mine in almost every regard... your hotel had a free coffee bar... ours had a free wine and cheese bar. :)

Then again, I was staying in wine country (Paso Robles)


Trey said...

I love coffee, but I would trade it for a free wine bar. I can always go out to buy some coffee for a few bucks. $3 wine, on the other hand....

Michael said...

Your facial expression cracks me up! Its almost as if you photo shop the same picutre of yourself in each shot. lol

Lamborghini... now we are talking! I've been a Lambo nut since back in the days of the Countach.

Have you seen the new Revention coming out? It's going cheap to target people more like us. Only a cool 1.4 million US dollars. :)


MMMmmm I LOVE me some Indian food. There is a fantastic Indian resturant just a few blocks from my house here in Frisco. All you can eat buffet from 10-3 everyday for about $8. The Nan bread alone is worth the admission!

Trey said...

Re: my face:: That's Blue Steel in some shots, Magnum in the others.

Lamborghinis may be my favorite supercar evar.

There is a place up the road, Curry in a Hurry, that I've been waiting to try. I already am craving Indian food!