Wednesday, September 12, 2007

San Francisco trip, Day 1, Day 2a

Sunday I flew out to San Francisco, CA, duh, to provide engineering support for a press tour for some of our upcoming products.

I LOVE San Francisco. The awesome weather is awesomely awesome enough, but there is a lot of stuff to do and a lot of great food.

I got a chance to see my friend Spaghetti, and I'll be seeing more of him later! When in Rome...! Wait - I mean What happens in San Francisco...uh, that doesn't work either. May the Force be with us?

I had breakfast the next day in his neck of the woods, and initially I had a hard time deciding on a place. Believe me, there were plenty of places for coffee and food. I finally ended up going to The Grove (link doesn't correspond to the same location I visited).

I ordered a mocha, which had some nice creme decoration, and huevos rancheros. The eggs were good, as was the rice, and the beans were real, but the guacamole was a little off to me, but I'm from Texas where we have the luxury of critiquing Mexican food rather than just having it. The mocha was very good in a great wide-mouthed mug. A very good balance of the grainy-bitter-sweet trifecta, closer to a Seattle's Best Mocha than Starbucks.

I chose to sit outside (see earlier reference to awesome weather) as it was roughly 9:30am and about mid 60-something degrees. Practically perfect.

Man, I really have my game face on!


Michael said...

I've only been to San Fran once, but it was nice. When I was with Motorola they sent me out to San Jose for some training for a week, so I decided to rent a car and drive up to San Fran for the day.

My main goal was to take a tour of Alcatraz, but there was a two week waiting list. So instead I took a tour of the bay.

You're right though, the food was awesome. Best sea food I've ever had there at the Fisherman's Warf.

Parking was outragious though... $35 a day! Ouch!

You'll have to make a point and take a trip down Lombard Street.

Anonymous said...

Are you going for a tour of ILM....That would be super COOL!!!


Anonymous said...

I'll be in cali next week, myself. Me and one of my co-workers will be flying into Fresno on Monday, spend tuesday in Paso Robles, Wednesday back in Fresno, and flying home Wednesday night.

Never been farther north than LA on the west coast. Not that I'll have any time to *DO* anything. It's a wham bam thank you mam sort of trip.


Trey said...

@Anonymous John: You'll have to stay tuned.

@Anonymous Keith: What are y'all going to be doing?

Trey said...


I walked down a litle of Lombard Street, but not the curviest parts. It's pretty crazy.

Anonymous said...

@ Trey

We are going to do 2 customer visits. 1 because they are screwing up and we are trying to straighten them out. The second just because we will already be in the area so we will stop by and say "Hi" to them. Face time. Keith