Friday, August 08, 2008

Las Vegas, en route for SIGGRAPH

So I'm in my layover in Las Vegas. I like to call it "Lost Wages."

I was finally able to get on the airport wireless, a feat I could not accomplish in Austin.

So far I've played almost $6 worth on $4 in the quarter slots. Hey, big spender!

Oh yeah, I had some coffee.

Next stop is San Francisco, where we'll see a sneak preview of The Clone Wars and drive down to LA for the conference.


Keith said...

Be safe and enjoy!

letti said...

awww does this mean you won't be in de leon for the peach and melon festival? :) Just passing thru :) Prob will go down there tomorrow - will be the first time tho. W00t. Have fun on your trip

Trey said...

@Keith, thanks!

@Letti, It's been a while since we've been to the Peach and Melon Festival. I'm enjoying 65 degrees rather than 100+degrees in De Leon!