Friday, August 01, 2008

SIGGRAPH 2008...finally!

I'm going back to SIGGRAPH, after a loooooong absence of...six or seven years?

I have been out of the workstation and graphics markets for a while, and I'm starting to get involved once again. My main reasons for going are to take the classes and some work projects.

I've been tasked with generating usage models for various lines of businesses, basically figuring out how do users actually "use" our machines and develop some processes for either making the experience better, faster, both, etc. Almost like developing benchmarks based on actual customer usage. I'll be dabbling in everything from ultramobile to workstations.

I'm also working on a graphics benchmark that scales with graphics power, as some of our current benchmarks represent the 3D load with strictly cpu-based rendering, ie no benefit of mega-uber-graphics over integrated graphics.

This isn't just a work trip, though! I'm going early back to San Fran to meet with my friend Dave to catch some Star Wars action that I'm not sure I can mention yet (correct me if I'm wrong!), and then we'll be driving down to LA for SIGGRAPH.

This should be a great trip, great experience, and hopefully the return of my regular attendance to SIGGRAPH!


David said...

You are free to talk about the Star Wars action in SF on Sat.

John said...

Congrads Trey.

That is awesome. That is one of the conferences I would like to attend before I die...which will be soon, I am oldddddd!! The other conference is of course WWDC!!!

I hope ya'll have fun.


Keith said...

I always feel so stupid reading your blog. :)