Monday, August 11, 2008

Picking up our SIGGRAPH material

The convention opened this afternoon to register, pick up the materials and check out the lay of the land. We headed over, but first had to pick up In-N-Out burger!

CIMG0127 CIMG0125

So I think I had my first In-N-Out burger, and while it was pretty good, I'm not sure what the big deal is. Later tonight we find out that you need to order it "animal style" to get some extra stuff piled on the burger and fries. We'll check it out again now that we know the whole story.

This particular In-N-Out is next to LAX, and planes were constantly landing over our heads. We could see two on the horizon lining up and it was crazy hearing the planes so close to us.

CIMG0134 CIMG0126 CIMG0138

We get to the convention center and browse a few conference rooms, and see The Geek Bar, which is a place to charge your batteries, check your email and watch a few live feeds from eight different presentations.



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John said...

You should go to the Autodesk booth. I heard they announced Maya 2009? You should go see if you can get a demo of it.


Trey said...

They did announce the Autodesk User's Group and Party! Details to follow.

khickman said...

Be sure to photog all your swag so we can live vicariously through your corporate trinket sweetness.

BTW is anyone talking about the LED screen the size of a soccer field at the olympics? They could do a dozen panels on the opening ceremonies along.

Trey said...


I haven't seen anything yet - I just cruised the show floor for a little bit today, but I'll keep my eyes open.