Saturday, August 09, 2008

San Francisco and The Clone Wars, episode 2

After lunch we walked through a few rooms of exhibits of concept art, maquettes and video, much of which was marked No Photos Please. There were a few photo opportunities, though.

The facilities are in the Presidio, which is a park open to the public. I took a quick panoramic shot outside the building, and a few other shots.


John said...

Hey Trey,

If you have access to a phone can you call me.



Trey said...
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khickman said...

Well... what was your opinion of the flick? So far the critics have been merciless. Any different view from your seat on the aisle?

Trey said...


It's going to be hard for me to hate on anything Star Wars (except for droid humor and Jar Jar), but I liked it. Definitely slanted more toward kids, but we'll be buying it and my kids will eat it up!

I thought it could have been trimmed a little, as it seemed longer than it actually was, and some of the dialog was cringeworthy, but I liked the stylized look.