Friday, August 15, 2008

Softimage Party

Since we went to the Autodesk Users Group Monday night, we thought we could see what Softimage, the biggest competitor to Maya and 3D Studio MAX, had to say. Softimage has something new called ICE - Interactive Creative Environment.

We were expecting to get some info about the software, production houses talking about using it, demo reels, etc. Nope! Just a party at Club 740 in downtown LA. We met a Softimage reseller on the way to the party, and we thought we were close to getting VIP passes, but no such luck. They gave out one free drink coupon to everyone, but I didn't know what it was (I thought it was a raffle ticket), so I didn't use it for the first two drinks. Uh oh!

We weren't sure what to expect at a party with a company delivering a new product called ICE, but we soon found out.


Vanilla Ice! I'm not kidding. He came out along with Clint Eastwood on drums and DJ Dirty Chopstick on, uh, DJ. I'm still not kidding. It was actually a pretty good show! He started with some new music, downloadable for fee at his website, and then hit some of the classics.

P1010730 P1010771

The DJ brought out two cases of bottled water and put them at the front of the stage. I thought that someone is going to be performing for a loooooong time, but it seems like Vanilla's gimmick is to spray the crowd periodically with water, drink water and spit it out on the crowd, drop kick water bottles and douse the girls that jump up on the stage.


Oh yeah. I'm not sure how they got the signal, but all of a sudden Vanilla held his hand out and started pulling girls up on stage. Of course, they start dancing, and then start dancing with each other. Finally one of the girls decided that she really wasn't in to the other girl and was trying to keep it like regular dancing, but the other girl wouldn't hear of it. Hilarity ensues, and the girl jumps back down into the crowd just to be replaced by someone else.

Here is Softimage's coverage of the event. We're famous! Look for us in the pictures - David's wearing a green shirt and I'm wearing a yellow shirt, and we're in the first three rows. I got dissed, hard, for a fist bump. Twice.

Oh yeah. Ron Jeremy was there. The connection with Softimage? Unknown.


He's up there on the walkway. They never put a spotlight on him, but sharp-eyed viewers should be able to pick him out.

I thought that the Autodesk party had a lot more information about the applications, the business, etc. This was fun, but I was hoping to hear how Softimage is positioning itself in the industry and against its competitors.


khickman said...

So how do you explain to the missus the presence of go-go dancers and porn stars at a "product" part where there was admittedly not mention of the product?

This is where the fact that Siggraph sounds like such a made up word is really to your disadvantage...

Keith said...

You sure this wasn't being filmed as one of those VH1 reality TV shows?

I think I saw an ad for this... "Geeks Gone Wild" I think it was called.

Trey said...


Yeah, I'm not sure how much this party helped Softimage's reputation. I still have no idea what Softimage ICE is, how it will help me, what customers use Softimage, etc.

It seemed like more of a, "We're Softimage, now let's drink," situation sans someone saying "We're Softimage."

Trey said...


What's funny is Vanilla Ice was in a reality show, The Surreal Life, which I never saw, as well as a few other reality shows.

Bill Roberts said...

Just thought I'd chime in - I'm the Director of Product Management for Softimage. The reason we went 'party only' was because we had spent the weeks prior to Siggraph engaged in a heavy ICE / XSI7 launch tour and on-line showcase - I guess we didn't reach everyone!. If you want to know what ICE is - check out our virtual launch on CG Society:

Also hit our website for more in depth videos and if that gets you more interested, you can download a trial version of XSI 7 there. Once you're up and running hit our community site for ICE Compounds and more:

As for why Vanilla Ice? Why not? You have to admit that Ice Ice Baby has transcended 2 decades and is still going strong. As far as Ron Jeremy? He was a last minute guest of Vanilla.

Glad you enjoyed the party!

Trey said...


Thanks for the udpate! It definitely was fun, and we had a great time.

We just couldn't help compare it to the previous night's Autodesk party, which was a little too heavy on the info.

Thanks again for setting something like that up - definitely a conversation starter!!