Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Admiral's Club

So thanks to my trip I'm in The Admiral's Club.

Free drinks, TV, phones, internet...I think I could get someone to carry me around if I asked. I wonder how many First Class tickets are required before an operation like this becomes profitable? Probably not many.

When given complimentary drink coupons, is one obligated to use them? Especially if one's readers need to know more? I submit that one is obligated, but what kind of drink does one have at 8:30AM? Guinness? A shandy? I think it is my duty to my readers and bloggers in general to find out!

Ah, a Bloody Mary. This is actually my first Bloody Mary, and the bartender made me one with "the good stuff." They had Campbells tomato juice, but she says she prefers V8 as it is thicker. It makes no difference to me - this is good and spicy! I don't know if I'm already feeling it slightly, or just over three hours of sleep is making me woozy. Well, two more Admiral's Clubs to go!

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