Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Big Time (or How I Enabled RSS Feeds On My Blog)

So when is the best time to check a blog? Hourly? Daily? Let RSS feeds do the work for you. The feeds basically tell you when there is new information on a blog so you won't waste your time. Check out David's writeup, as he has spent more time on the description than I will, and he urges you to syndicate your blog!

Since I'm using Blogger, I have to use an external RSS site, but the setup is trivial - a few clicks later and I have an orange RSS icon at the bottom right of my blog (check your browser status bar). Now I need to see if it works, and that's where y'all come in - drop me a comment if you can't see the icon, or if the feed doesn't work.

Update: I put an RSS icon on my page, with a link to my atom.xml. It's on the right side in the index portion. Hopefully this will get the ball moving, as I know everyone is champing at the bit to get my feed.

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