Sunday, April 16, 2006

Soylent Green is Peeps!

For the longest time I didn't like Peeps. I either didn't like the taste, texture or both. This weekend, when we were making Easter baskets for the kids, I thought about why I didn't like them. It was then I realized, after railing against them to my wife, that I had never tried them! Now I'm not sure why I didn't like them. Are they too yellow? Too soft?

Well, I tried my first Peep this weekend. It's made out of marshmallow! Surely the second Peep would be different.... No! Marshmallow also! This may sound funny to you Peeps afficionados out there, but I had no idea they were marshmallow. I guess I didn't look too hard at the box - the one with the label that says "Marshmallow Peeps."

Now I tolerate Peeps. Definitely not my favorite, but not too bad at the same time. That they are marshmallow is nice, but it forces my hand to attempt s'mores with them. Oh, too late.

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