Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Is the unexamined life not worth living?

Apologies to Socrates for misquoting. I was thinking about why I would blog. Initially, I wanted to describe my upcoming trip to Singapore to my family and friends, but I find myself thinking more about stuff to post unrelated to my trip. Am I catching blogging fever? Will I start using "blogosphere" in normal conversation? Oh, the humanity!

I confess that, while I'm all for introspection, I don't really understand the need to describe how one's soccer game went, or one's trip to the mall. Maybe I don't get blogging? Is it more of the I'll-Do-Anything-To-Get-Noticed Syndrome, or anything to approach celebrity status? Who knows. Anyway, in my attempt to possibly Get-Noticed, I'll be posting more on Life, The Universe, and Everything (You Wanted To Know About My Trip To Singapore And Were Afraid To Ask). Man - Douglas Adams, Woody Allen..I'm really racking them up here!

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