Thursday, April 27, 2006

Half a world away

I wanted to put a few details of my itinerary to Singapore up here. Arriving and departing both contain three legs.

1. Austin to Dallas: one hour, two minutes, 183 miles. No meals - say what?
2. Dallas to Tokyo: 13 hours, 10 minutes, 6427 miles. Lunch and dinner. Please please please let there be bento boxes of sushi (I'm not holding my breath).
3. Tokyo to Singapore: seven hours, zero minutes, 3324 miles. Unidentified meal service - as long as I don't run into more Grade D - Edible meat, I'm good. What am I saying? I'm so far away from home by this point a taco might be just what the doctor ordered!

On the way back, we are flying with the wind.

1. Singapore to Tokyo: seven hours, zero minutes. Once again, under meal service, I see, "Meals." The suspense is killing me!
2. Tokyo to Dallas: 11 hours, 25 minutes. Dinner and breakfast. Holla!
3. Dallas to Austin: 53 minutes. No meals...dissed again.

Luckily, on flights to Asia my company puts us in First or Business class. This will be the second time I've been in First class. The, uh, first time was I believe an accident, where I think I clicked on a premium seat location when offered the chance to pick my seat. On the plane. Nevermind. I wasn't charged any premium, but I was in high cotton. The best thing about First class - the seats are wide and comfortable, like me! The champagne foot rubs, steaming towel facials, manicures and caviar totally weren't my bag, babies.


Spaghetti said...

If you add a layover in Dallas I can meet you for Dinner.


Trey said...

That's a good idea - I may be making my trip a little shorter, but I won't know until I get over there. Once I find out either way I'll see what I can do with that leg.