Sunday, April 30, 2006

9AM Singapore, 7PM CST

I make it to breakfast where they have a very nice buffet situation.

After breakfast I wander around the grounds for a while. This hotel is beautiful.

Back to the room, update the blog and I'm off to see what's up. Today (Monday) is a holiday, so things don't open early. Some of my group is going to Chinatown to look for silk, shoes and stuff. I opt out, but I will definitely go later in my visit.


Spaghetti said...

Please refresh my memory...why are you going to Singapore again? Is it so that you have material for your blog?

I find it interesting reading...even more interesting is this is the kind of stuff I would never hear about if it werent for blogging.

Stay Sexy!

Trey said...

It's for work. Going overseas just for blog material? Now that's sexy!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty. Wish I was there....but not for three weeks.


Anonymous said...

I recognize most of the food at the breakfast buffet..but whats with the the pink stuff??! Is that a bowl of pepto bismol?
And unlike John, I would like to be able to go, for at least 3 weeks!

now the medium brown rocker

Trey said...

The pink stuff is strawberry yogurt, and the drink is half fresh orange juice, half fresh carrot juice. The white and black speckled meat with red skin thing is dragonfruit, which has a texture like kiwi but not much taste.

lacey said...

Yeh, what's the pink stuff???

lacey said...

Woops! Hadn't scrolled down that far!