Monday, May 01, 2006

A sweaty walk for lunch

I need to find that USB cable for my camera and get a tip on where to look for it, but first I need some lunch. I walked about six blocks from the hotel to a place called Newton's Circus. It's a string of hawker's stands serving all kinds of stuff. Once you start going down the rows you start to see some repetition though.

This is one of those places where you need a suspension of disbelief, but instead of like being at the movies, you just don't worry about the health department! I end up with Fried Rice with Prawns and an Asahi. Here are some left and right views from my table.

The humidity hit me as I left the hotel. Am I back in Houston? Actually, it might be a little worse than Houston. My camera was acclimated to my hotel room, and I had to wait the six blocks to Newton's Circus for the lens to unfog. I'm sweating like a pig, and the steaming rice dish with pepper sauce doesn't help, but at least the beer's cold.

The meal was Sing$16, including the beer, which was 500ml. A good deal? Who knows, but it was a lot of food and it tastes good. Did I mention the beer was cold? Tipping here isn't like it is in the States. It isn't expected, and sometimes it isn't even an option.

Lunch is finished and I'm sweating like a madman. Luckily I decided on sandals and shorts instead of long pants. Unfortunately, my Birkenstocks are wearing a hole in my foot - when it's hot the strap curls into my ankle. I have some band-aids, buth they are back in the hotel. I'm headed back that way to get the camera cable, so an air-condiitoned detour doesn't sound so bad.

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Mommy-burger said...

I now see the value of computers! This is so great! We passed blog to Brooksy and Kristin/Lori next door at school and George and Pat.
Am anxious to hear what the Dell facility is like-modern?