Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Nothing fishy here

So here's what we settled for at the seafood market. Prawns in a liquid of some sort opened the show. They weren't shelled, so we had to do it ourselves. I don't suck the brains out of crawfish, so I would pull the heads off. On my second one I got sprayed in the face with brain juice as I pulled removed the head. Oh hey! It's still on my glasses!

Something was next - bamboo clams or something. Instead of being rounded, the shells were cylindrical, like a piece of bamboo. Hence the name.

Here is the pepper crab (top left), chili crab (top right) and stir-fried conch (lower front). The bread-like things were, uh, bread-like and sweet, and we dipped in and covered them with the chili crab sauce. Very good!

Here is one of the shells from the conch dish. They need to be washed out with bleach (which I usually bring to hotels) before they'll be ready. The bleach cleans some stuff off the shell and gets them where they won't rot.


Anonymous said...

Man, I am old and stuck in my ways, so I don't think I would really try that stuff. But the sweet bread sounds good, BREAD GOOD!!(caveman talk)


Anonymous said...

ohh I almost forgot to ask, how was the beer? that looks nice and golden brown.


Trey said...

Beer was pretty good, but fairly light.