Sunday, May 14, 2006

More of the best Indian food I've ever had

Okay Gentle Readers. Are you sitting down? I'll wait.

Good. Let me tell you about tonight. Here we are on the cab ride over. The cabby didn't know where to go, and we didn't find out that he didn't know until we got to Little India and started randomly circling the blocks. We had to resort to asking the valets of other Indian restaurants how to get to this particular place.

Luckily we had something with the hotel phone number, so we resorted to calling the concierge and get him to give us directions. Finally we get there. We met some other people from work at a place called Samy's Curry Restaurant. Great atmosphere, no windows, ceiling fans, awesome food.

It took a while for us to get some service (we were already late), but once they got started they almost didn't stop. First they brought out banana leaves as plates and started spooning out the food. EVERYTHING was good. I was stuffed.

Here I am in recovery after getting back from the dinner. I was doing my best not to just collapse into the bed.


Anonymous said...

I guess Trey is gonna have to find some good Indian restaurants here in Austin.


crose said...

no Guinness on tap?