Sunday, May 28, 2006

Pulau Ubin

Today we went to an island called Pulau Ubin. We took a fairly long taxi ride to Changgi Village, paid Sing$2 and got on a "bum boat" and rode to Pulau Ubin.

Here is the little harbor where we got on the boat.

Here are the boats lined up. Somehow a guy knows which one we need to board to get to the island. Word to the wise - sit toward the back if you don't want a few lungfuls of exhaust.

We saw another bum boat acting as a tug pulling a huge boat of indeterminate origin and contents.

Here is a view of the island on our approach. It looks like a veritable tropical paradise...but will it contain the elusive durian?

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Anonymous said...

Man I think you are addicted to durian....scary!!