Sunday, May 28, 2006


We arrive, and it's pretty much like any other tropical island you've visited. Probably less than 100 people living on the island, but it still manages to have have some nice Land Rovers as police vehicles.

Here I am in front of some kind of temple, probably causing all kinds of disrespect.

What's a tropical island without something to eat? Maybe...seafood? We settled on a place that looked fairly nice, with open air seating right on the water.

We had the ubiquitous Tiger beers and ordered Emperor noodles and some local dish that was a vegetable of some sort - both dishes were very good. The Emperor noodles were like stirfried vermicelli with prawns, and the vegetable dish was some sort of stirfried, uh, vegetables.

After lunch, on the way to rent some bicycles we stopped by some sort happening. We don't think the guy providing the music could hear any of the monitors, as we were treated to looping feedback through lunch. I found an open seat next to a native and enjoyed a bit of the action. Don't ask me what it was about - I don't think I can make up something that would be its equal.

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It was their show on how to get around the