Sunday, May 28, 2006

Back in civilization

We get back to town, clean up and head out. I stop by Michael's room and immediately get jealous. While he doesn't have an office/living area in his room, he has an LCD TV and DVD player. Say what? He doesn't leave me along long enough to move it to my room though, so we head out.

We end up at yet another awesome hotel, the Shangri La, with an amazing restaurant, The Line.

It's an amazing outlay of food, buffet style, and we can't help but gorge ourselves. I start with Indian, of course, and then move on to Asian. I stay there for course three and pick up some sushi - you know, in the name of science...for my blog. I'm so full I can't even take pictures of dessert, which is tiramisu, cheesecake (mine is better!), other dainty things.

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Anonymous said...

Nice, just think about all the movies you could have watched over there had you gotten the room with cool stuff.