Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Cars in Singapore

Over here, it is very expensive to own a car. One must purchase a certificate, for roughly SING$9,000 - $13.000. This gives the bearer the right to buy a car. The cars are about 2x the price, for example, you can get a Toyota Corrola for about SING$60,000. Normal people use the rapid transit rail system or buses, and taxis when necessary. That said, there are plenty of people over here with more money with which they know what to do. I have seen every kind of BMW, Mercedes are all over the place (the de facto high-end taxi), and others have seen two Rolls Royces and a Bentley. The most exotic car I had seen was a Porsche 911 Turbo, but we saw this green beauty on the way to dinner tonight.


Anonymous said...

that is bada!!, I think Adam would want one, his fav. color is green. I must have two!!! It's love at first sight...but of course that would be my daily ride. ;-)


crose said...

any 6 figure job openings there?

Trey said...

Forget high-tech - I'm getting into the car import/export business!